Sunday, 10 January 2016

Impressioning Keys

I have just started impressioning keys another side of locksmithing which i believe is very useful as it just gives you an additional entry point after you have tried or maybe even before picking but very definite before drilling as no customer likes to see a hole in there door even if it is a 4mm or 6mm hole. I have bought the decoders of Gj locks who in my opinion is very good at what he does. As a full time locksmith he makes very good tools which are tested by a locksmith before being sold. At the moment i hold the Union. Fortress. Vectis and of course the one in the pictures is a assec/legge.
 unlike the other 3 decoders which needed only 10 - 30 mins of practice this one needed a little longer and after hours of making testing keys to see if they work i think i have solved it i have taken a few photos with different leaver patterns 7 in fact lol. These photos i think i will carry with me at all times as i am sure they will be the gold to my locksmith life when i next come across one of these horrid locks.

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