Monday, 18 January 2016

First Ever Callout

It all started when my phone woke me up at 3am i couldnt believe it my first call here i come. By what the gentleman made out to my self it sounded like he had opened the front door but needed to change the lock on the door which was a mortice lock i gave him over the phone prices which what i learnt through over close locksmiths to my self. £75 callout and labour £25 for part which was the lock. The guy seemed pleased with the prices and very appreciative i could help. When i arrived at the house i was supprised to see that the front door was pvc i instantly thought he may be on about the back door but couldn't understand why he would be trying to gain entry from the rear of the house.

When i walked into the house i was told that it was the pantry door and the latch had failed on the door and he needed a new one. I couldn't believe it as easy as this job was i felt more annoyed that i got woken up over something silly which could be resolved from the following day which showed no weakness to the houses security. As the price was discussed over the phone i retracted £10 off the bill as a latch is cheaper than a mortice lock.  Neadless to say i have never had a job similar or like this ever since and think it was a great easy start to my career as a locksmith at James Cardiff Locksmith

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