Sunday, 14 August 2016

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

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Monday, 18 January 2016

First Ever Callout

It all started when my phone woke me up at 3am i couldnt believe it my first call here i come. By what the gentleman made out to my self it sounded like he had opened the front door but needed to change the lock on the door which was a mortice lock i gave him over the phone prices which what i learnt through over close locksmiths to my self. £75 callout and labour £25 for part which was the lock. The guy seemed pleased with the prices and very appreciative i could help. When i arrived at the house i was supprised to see that the front door was pvc i instantly thought he may be on about the back door but couldn't understand why he would be trying to gain entry from the rear of the house.

When i walked into the house i was told that it was the pantry door and the latch had failed on the door and he needed a new one. I couldn't believe it as easy as this job was i felt more annoyed that i got woken up over something silly which could be resolved from the following day which showed no weakness to the houses security. As the price was discussed over the phone i retracted £10 off the bill as a latch is cheaper than a mortice lock.  Neadless to say i have never had a job similar or like this ever since and think it was a great easy start to my career as a locksmith at James Cardiff Locksmith

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Lost my brothers keys wasn't imperessed

Trying to be helpful today as a good brother and friend, offered to cut my brother a spare key, only lost it on the the way to the key machine. I was gutted to only was it a freebie but i had to replace the locks on my broters apartment for free. I wasn't impressed think he was though had locks renewed by loving brother with brand new genuine keys. Why can love hurt sometimes.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Impressioning Keys

I have just started impressioning keys another side of locksmithing which i believe is very useful as it just gives you an additional entry point after you have tried or maybe even before picking but very definite before drilling as no customer likes to see a hole in there door even if it is a 4mm or 6mm hole. I have bought the decoders of Gj locks who in my opinion is very good at what he does. As a full time locksmith he makes very good tools which are tested by a locksmith before being sold. At the moment i hold the Union. Fortress. Vectis and of course the one in the pictures is a assec/legge.
 unlike the other 3 decoders which needed only 10 - 30 mins of practice this one needed a little longer and after hours of making testing keys to see if they work i think i have solved it i have taken a few photos with different leaver patterns 7 in fact lol. These photos i think i will carry with me at all times as i am sure they will be the gold to my locksmith life when i next come across one of these horrid locks.
James Cardiff Locksmith our newest investment have been a brand new Silca Key cutting machine, with a bit of practice and a little more knowledge than before i have perfected the art of key cutting to make sure when i am helping you with your locksmith emergency in Cardiff i can offer you onsite mobile key cutting if you wish to have more keys cut for your home. We mainly only offer the people of Cardiff duplicate key coppies for there houses as our van isn't the biggest to keep keys for automotive but bit big enough to help your emergency lockout call with.

Please remember to save our number in your phone just ever incase you need assistance with any lock service 07967725135